Deckblatt: PATRIZIA INSIGHT 2017/2018 (Quelle: Patrizia AG)

Latest INSIGHT European Residential Markets study points to opportunities for higher returns. PATRIZIA Immobilien AG has launched its eighth PATRIZIA INSIGHT study on the European Residential Markets which for the  first time includes a major new European City Ranking – a matrix which combines long-term attractiveness indicators alongside liquidity within 119 European cities in order to assist investors optimally diversify their portfolios by location and risk profile.

In one section PATRIZIA analyses rents and prices on German city level, to work out the two main particularities of the German housing market in Europe:  the poly-centric market structure and the lower ownership ratio. For 43 German cities the researchers employed a hedonic analysis, with an emphasis on the effect of building age and quality on prices and rents.

More Information about the study can be found here.  The PATRIZIA INSIGHT European Residential Markets 2017/2018 study can be downloaded from the PATRIZIA website here.